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Digital Marketing

Easiest email marketing tool with a simple UI
Create triggered event between your tools
Connect your customers via Intercom, Get in touch with your customers and create engagement
Analytics for you web app and mobile app, A/B testing and Churn can be calculated within Mixpanel
Lead Generator Pop-up's for your web site, content analytics and sharing options
A/B testing for your website without knowing any HTML
Simple and cheapest option for Marketing Automation
Connect your favorite apps together and integrate without coding
Visual Website Analytics and Heatmaps
Schedule your Social Media Posts and Organize Them
Listen your brand on social media and engage with your customers
Easily check your follows and followers on twitter. Bulk follow and unfollow option
Create images for social media and web site with drag and drop function
Best analytics tool on Earth. This is the first thing you need to implement after "Hello World"
Collect website data with 1 tool and use it with hundereds of different tools
Tag container, Marketer can add Javascript Codes without any help from IT/Developers

Productivity Tools

Organize and plan everything in kanban format
Simple notepad, very easy to take notes with it
Create and work on your documents on the cloud
Take your notes and collaborate on your notes
Save your urls for later reading and tag it
Best collabration and communication tool
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